How To: Edit ArcSDE layer that is being used by an ArcIMS service


Instructions provided describe how to edit ArcSDE layer (default version) that is being used by an ArcIMS service. ArcSDE layer's default version can be edited when being served by an ArcIMS service.


Follow the steps below.

  • Delete the ArcIMS MapServices that are using the ArcSDE layer that needs to be edited. Or stop the three ArcIMS Windows Services to shutdown the ArcIMS Server. It the layer is being used by any client (ArcIMS, ArcGIS and so on), on trying to register it as a versioned layer, the following error is seen
    [O] lock error
  • In ArcCatalog access the ArcSDE layer, right-click and choose the option to Register as Versioned - do this for all layers you want to be able to edit and simultaneously serve with ArcIMS.
  • Restore the ArcIMS MapServices.
  • Access the data in ArcMap and enable the Start Editing button to do attribute edits such as adding a new feature to the layer.
  • If the default version is being served by ArcIMS, schema changes to the default version are not allowed.

    To be able to do schema changes, create new version of the layer and do the edits and schema changes on the newly created version. For more details on versioning geodatabases, please refer the ArcSDE users help.

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