Problem: ArcIMS 9.0 Service Packs cannot be installed to locations with \ArcIMS in the install path


When ArcIMS is installed to a location with \ArcIMS in the path, for example C:\Program Files\ArcIMS, ArcIMS Service Packs cannot be installed.


During the ArcIMS product install, \ArcIMS is appended to the installation location. If the location selected during installation includes ArcIMS in the path, an additional ArcIMS is appended to that path and the registry key that goes along with it, for example C:\Program Files\ArcIMS\ArcIMS.

Solution or Workaround

The following procedure is a possible solution for the successful installation of ArcIMS Service Packs.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall ArcIMS to a location that does not include \ArcIMS in the path. For example, the following paths will not cause a problem:
    <drive>:\Program Files\ArcGIS (the default)
    <drive>:\Program Files\MyArcIMS

    Do not install to a path like the following:
  2. Install the ArcIMS 9.0 Service Pack.

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