How To: Manage orphaned ArcIMS/ArcSDE gsrvr processes


Orphaned ArcIMS/ArcSDE gsrvr processes happen when there is a disconnect between the ArcIMS Spatial Server and ArcSDE process. This can happen due to firewall timeout settings, Spatial Server crashes or other network problems.


There are several procedures that can remove orphaned processes:

  • Set up a batch file to restart ArcIMS & ArcSDE periodically:
    HowTo: Restart ArcIMS Windows Services using a batch file

  • Add the TCPKEEPALIVE set to TRUE parameter in the ArcSDE giomgr.def file to clear out processes that are not being used:
    HowTo: Change the timeout for TCPKEEPALIVE parameter

  • If there are still orphaned processes after setting TCPKEEPALIVE to true please contact ESRI Support Services and reference this article. ESRI Support Services contact information:

    Toll Free in the United States: 1-888-377-4575
    Phone: 909-793-3774
    Fax: 909-792-0960
    E-mail: support@esri.com
    Web: support.esri.com
    Hours: 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific time, Monday through Friday, except ESRI holidays

    International users should contact their local ESRI office or distributor for information regarding telephone, fax, e-mail, and online support services available in their area. For a list of distributors, see www.esri.com/international.

  • If using ArcIMS image services, ArcSDE direct connection is an option. With direct connect, the connection is launched from the client (ArcIMS) and the ArcSDE Application Server is not used. With this configuration, when the ArcIMS Spatial Server goes down, it takes the ArcSDE direct connect process with it.

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