How To: Setup ArcSDE and Microsoft SQL Server on separate machines


Instructions provided describe how to install ArcSDE and Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS on separate servers.

This configuration only supports SQL Server authenticated logins. If Windows authenticated logins are being used, it is recommended to use Direct Connect or install ArcSDE locally with SQL Server. For more information, please see the Knowledge Base article titled, 'Is Windows Authentication supported with a distributed ArcSDE SQL Server configuration?', located in the Related Information section below.


The ArcSDE service can run on a different server than the SQL Server instance with which it communicates. Configuring a remote ArcSDE instance is very similar to configuring a local one.

  1. After installing ArcSDE, create the geodatabase using the Post Installation Wizard. Use the instructions documented in the Creating a geodatabase in SQL Server.

  2. When prompted for a SQL Server instance name, be sure to enter the name of the remote SQL Server instance being connected to.

    On the ArcSDE service information screen of the Post Installation Wizard, the value for SQL Server instance name is the name of the remote SQL Server instance. The value for Server name will be the local machine on which the ArcSDE service is being created.

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