How To: Diagnose the error "Error when trying to administer service" for an AXL file


This article is for the diagnosis and troubleshooting of when ArcIMS fails to create an Image Service from a specific .AXL file, or map configuration file created with ArcIMS Author, returning the following error message:

"Error when trying to administer service"



  1. Is the data source path for the layers in the AXL file valid?
    A. Open the .AXL file with a text editor such as Notepad.

    B. Locate the tag <WORKSPACES>.

    C. Review the data source paths referenced for the directory parameter. Verify that the references to the data are valid and accessible.
    It is strongly recommended to avoid using mapped drives. Instead, use UNC formatted paths, for example: \\<servername>\<sharename>
  2. If using ArcSDE data, are the connection parameters valid?
    A. Verify that you can successfully ping test the ArcSDE machine. Navigate to Start > Run, type cmd and click OK. Type the following command:
    ping <name of ArcSDE server>
    B. Check which port the instance of ArcSDE is running on (default is 5151). Is the connection parameter defined accordingly in the map configuration file and is the port accessible over the network? Test this on a DOS command prompt with the following command:
    telnet <name of ArcSDE Server> 5151 
    C. Verify that the username and password specified for the connection are correct. D. Create a new connection from Author (if AXL) or ArcMap (if MXD) with the same parameters used in the AXL or MXD file and test the connection. If the connection fails, troubleshoot and fix the cause of it first before trying to create an ArcIMS map service.
  3. Does the ArcIMS user account have read permissions to the data?
    A. Navigate to the file or directory to check.

    B. Right-click on the file/directory and select Properties.

    C. Choose the Security tab.

    D. Click the Advanced button.

    E. Verify that the user account is listed and that it has at least Read permissions.

    F. Check the box for 'Reset permissions on all child objects ...'.

    G. Click OK and Yes on the message prompt.
    The ArcIMS user account is the logon account for the ArcIMS Application Server, Monitor and Tasker services.  You may determine the logon account from the Control Panel > Services by opening the service's Properties.
  4. Can you create an Image Service map service from ArcIMS sample data? See the link in the Related Links section below for information on how to test creating a map service with sample data.

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