Bug: Querying an ArcSDE 9.0 feature containing a raster column crashes the ArcIMS Spatial server


** This issue is addressed in ArcIMS 9.0 Service Pack 3 (SP3) **

Prior to the Service Pack 3, it was not possible to access the ArcSDE 9.0 Raster field of a Feature Class in HTML Viewer through the Identify query functionality. An Image or Feature server cannot serve an ArcSDE feature that has field of type Raster. ArcMap ImageServer can serve this data fine, and the Identify query will return all fields. However, the value for the Raster field will be empty and the user cannot access the image associated with that field.


This is a known issue.


** This issue addressed in ArcIMS 9.0 Service Pack 3.

Click on the link in Related Information below and download Service Pack 3, if necessary. **

If the Service Pack is not available to you, perform the workaround by accessing the ArcSDE 9.0 Raster field of a Raster Catalog in HTML Viewer when served in an ArcMap ImageService:

  1. Search for the Raster by using the Query Builder. Use any field other than the Raster field for the query.
  2. In the list of returned records, click on the appropriate 'Rec' hyperlink to display and view the Raster.

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