Bug: Data cannot be loaded into ArcSDE DB2 if feature class name uses non-English characters


Data cannot be loaded into ArcSDE DB2 if feature class name is specified using non-English characters

Following error occurs when trying to load data using SDE dataloading commands or ArcCatalog -

1) Error occurs only if feature class name has non-English characters for example "ñ" or "é"
2) Error does not occur when feature class name is in English.
3) There are no issues with attempting to create, on an existing feature class, a new field with the character "ñ" in
its name (e.g., "AÑO").

example -

shp2sde -o create -l strñét,shape -f strñét.shp -D sde -u map -p map -s peanuts -i 5920

Shape to Layer Loading Administration Utility
Set X_offset = 42409
Set Y_offset = 59594
Set XY_scale = 50000000
Set Grid Size0 = 1
SDE Code (-51): Underlying DBMS error
Extended DBMS error code: 0
Underlying DBMS error
Unable to set layer to NORMAL-IO mode.
1 features converted.
1 features stored.


This appears to be a problem with a DB2 API that is used to issue a RUNSTATS operation on data after it has been loaded and before it gets put back into normal_io mode. The sqlustat API is returning a SQL2306 which means the table does not exist. It seems like the special characters of the desired language is not recognized.


Switch the B_RUNSTATS parameter in dbtune.sde file to NO. Run sdedbtune -o import to import the new value and then load data. Users would need to update statistics manually using SQL.