Bug: Creating an HTML Viewer or Java Custom Viewer in Designer takes a long time to finish


The last step in ArcIMS Designer, 'Create Web Site', takes a long time to finish when creating either HTML Viewer- or Java Custom Viewer-based sites. Most people consider the application hung, but the Designer application eventually completes after an extremely long time. Creating Java Standard Viewer-based sites are not affected.


This occurs only when starting ArcIMS Designer from Administrator by using the Tools drop-down menu. The error occurs most frequently on UNIX and Linux operating systems.


The problem may be avoided by doing either of the following:

  • Start the ArcIMS Designer application as a separate application. This is done by running the following command from an X terminal:


  • 1. Start the ArcIMS Designer Application from the Tools menu in ArcIMS Administrator.

    2. Close the ArcIMS Administrator application, and continue using the ArcIMS Designer Application.