FAQ: Migration from Production Line Tool Set (PLTS)/MPS 3.1 to 9.x


Migration from Production Line Tool Set (PLTS)/MPS 3.1 to 9.x


When migrating map sheets and map documents from Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) 3.1, please be aware of the following:

· A map sheet created with ArcGIS 8.3 and PLTS/MPS 3.1 cannot be opened with ArcGIS 9.x and PLTS/MPS 9.x. The grid systems used in the previous versions are not compatible with ArcGIS 9.x. If you attempt to open a map sheet, a data frame with associated grids will not load. To avoid this problem, the map sheets should be opened in ArcGIS 8.3 and all grid systems associated with a data frame must be removed (not just turned off) and the map sheet saved.

The map sheet can then be safely opened in ArcGIS 9.x. Once the sheet opens, reapply the grid that was removed. This problem does not affect any grid components that are features or graphics—only those that are being driven by the data frame grid systems. For a typical TLM map sheet, this only affects the decimal degree ticks, neatline, and the 5-minute crosshairs in the center of the sheet. Use the TLM50_Migration grid XML to regenerate these missing elements.

· When entering multiple lines of text in either the Notes or TLM Boundary Guide property dialog boxes, press CTRL + Enter to enter a new line in the text window.