Error: The layer does not have any Hyperlinks

Error Message

The Web site's Hyperlink tool does not function when a feature is clicked. The following alert message appears:

"The layer does not have any Hyperlinks".

Verify that the instructions in the PDF document titled "Customizing ArcIMS - HTML Viewer" have been completed.


The hyperlink arrays in the viewer's ArcIMSparam.js file have likely been edited incorrectly.

Here is the sample provided in the default HTML Viewer:

hyperLinkLayers[0] = "Museums";
hyperLinkFields[0] = "WEBSITE";
hyperLinkLayers[1] = "Art Galleries";
hyperLinkFields[1] = "WEBSITE";

Most commonly, the error is related to the presence of comment characters (/* and */) preceding and ending the sample code. The characters must be removed.

Solution or Workaround

Un-comment the sample arrays.

If this fails to solve the problem, then verify that the values of the array members are valid.

It is not required to restart the ArcIMS services or daemons after making the above changes.