Error: 1005: Invalid password. Cannot generate a token.

Error Message

When sending a SOAP request with an ESRI Global account user name and password, the following error may occur:

"1005: Invalid password. Cannot generate a token."


The capitalization of the password in the SOAP request did not match the capitalization that was used to create the ESRI Global password. ArcWeb Services are case sensitive.

The www.esri.com and support.esri.com Web pages are not case sensitive.

Solution or Workaround

Resend the request using the proper capitalization.

If the proper capitalization of the password is not known, follow the steps below to reset the password:

  1. Navigate to the ArcWeb Site Log In page.
  2. Click the 'Forgot your password' link; enter the user name, the last name, and the e-mail address for the account. The user name entered here is not case sensitive.
  3. Click Submit. An e-mail will be sent containing the user name and a new temporary password.

    Remember the case of the new password.

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