How To: Create an alternate name table when geocoding


Instructions provided describe how to create an alternate name table for geocoding.


When geocoding, it may be necessary to preserve the reference data, but use alternate names in a project. Creating an alternate name table solves this problem.

  1. Add a field named "JoinID" to the existing reference data.
  2. Use the Field Calculator to populate this field with the values from the OID or FID field.
  3. Create a new Personal Geodatabase in ArcCatalog.
  4. Open the attribute table for the reference data.
  5. Select all the data in the table for which an alternate name will be specified.
  6. Select Options > Export to export this table selection to the newly created geodatabase.
  7. In ArcToolbox, select the Geocoding tools > Standardize Addresses.
  8. Select the table exported as the 'Input Address Data'.
  9. Select 'Name' for the 'Input Address'.
  10. Select US Streets with AltName (GDB) for the 'Address Locator Style'.
  11. Select the geodatabase for 'Output Address Data' > Click OK to run the tool.
  12. Import the street shapefile or feature class into this newly created geodatabase.
  13. Create the appropriate address locator in ArcCatalog with the US Streets with AltName (GDB) option.
  14. In the Address Locator window, under the Alternate Name Table tab, navigate to the table created in step 5.
  15. For 'Join ID' select the JoinID field created in step 1.
  16. Specify the remaining options in the address locator as necessary.