How To: Can I use TEXTMARKERSYMBOL with a fontstyle of Bold and Underlined?


Yes. A workaround must be implemented to allow this.


As described in the ArcXML reference guide for TEXTMARKERSYMBOL two parameters for fontstyle. Workaround this by using TEXTMARKERSYMBOL twice: once to set the text Bold and then with empty text set to Underlined to get the effect of Bold and Underlined.

Twice the number of blank spaces are required for the text that is underlined.

The following is an example of ArcXML code that includes etting the text 'ArcIMS 9.0' to be underlined and bold. There are 20 blank spaces set for there to be underlined text:

<ARCXML version="1.1">
<ENVELOPE minx="-113.15716452803028" miny="30.17218325332378" maxx="-88.51966275662102" maxy="46.831433612179374" />
<IMAGESIZE width="643" height="502" />
<LAYER type="acetate" name="acetate" id="acetate">
<OBJECT units="pixel">
<TEXT coords="20 5" label="ArcIMS 9.0">
<TEXTMARKERSYMBOL font="Arial" fontsize="12" fontstyle="bold"/>
<OBJECT units="pixel">
<TEXT coords="20 5" label=" ">
<TEXTMARKERSYMBOL font="Arial" fontsize="12" fontstyle="underline"/>