Problem: Data in DHDN-based coordinate system cannot be transformed


Data using a coordinate system that includes the DHDN definition cannot be transformed using the existing geographic (datum) transformations.


The name of DHDN was corrected in the Projection Engine library version 9.0. The old, incorrect names are:
GCS_Deutsche_Hauptdreiecksnetz and D_Deutsche_Hauptdreiecksnetz .

The new, corrected names are:
GCS_Deutsches_Hauptdreiecksnetz and D_Deutsches_Hauptdreiecksnetz.

The predefined geographic transformations expect the corrected DHDN name, so an old DHDN definition does not match the transformation definition.

Solution or Workaround

Download and install ArcGIS 9.0 Service Pack 2.

If using ArcSDE, download and install ArcSDE 9.0 Service Pack 2.

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