How To: Find the IP addresses and ports of the ArcWeb servers


Instructions provided describe how to find the IP addresses and ports of the ArcWeb servers.

It may be necessary to know the IP addresses and ports of ArcWeb Services servers; for example, if servers are accessed through a VPN system.


Discover the IP addresses and port numbers of the ArcWeb Services servers.

Hard coding the application to IP numbers rather than domain names is not recommended. These numbers may change at any time.

Follow the steps below.

  1. Open a command window and type the following command:

    nslookup www.arcwebservices.com dns.esri.com

    The second half of the response contains one of the IP addresses for www.arcwebservices.com.
  2. Wait 30 seconds. Repeat Step 1 to see another IP address. There are two ArcWeb Service IP addresses at this time.
  3. The port number for http access is 80.
    The port number for https is 443.
  4. If you use maps from GlobeXplorer, repeat the above procedure for the following domain:
    nslookup arcweb.globexplorer.com dns.esri.com