How To: How to change the size and reference scale for existing annotation


Instructions provided describe how to change the reference scale and size for existing annotation.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Open, in ArcCatalog, the properties for the annotation feature class.
  2. Click the Annotation Properties tab.
  3. Click the Change reference scale button and enter in a more appropriate reference scale, such as 1:97500.
  4. Add the annotation feature into ArcMap.
  5. Use, in ArcToolbox, the Update Annotation Feature Class tool in the Data Management Tools > Feature Class toolset.
  6. Add the annotation to ArcMap and start an edit session.
  7. Use the Annotation Edit Tool to select all the annotation, then right-click and select Attributes.
  8. Change the font size for each.
  9. Save the edits.