Error: Cannot process a Shape layer as a selected set when using the Data Delivery Extension

Error Message

Using an ArcIMS HTML Viewer integrated with the Data Delivery Extensions (DDE), when clicking the DDE button to translate a request, the following error message appears:

"WARNING: Cannot process a Shape layer as a selected set".

The translation request cannot be performed.


This is a limitation of the software. For features selected from a Shape layer, no translation can be performed.

This error does not occur if features are selected based on feature layers from a personal geodatabase or ArcSDE.

Solution or Workaround

In the Viewer, clear the selection and click the DDE button to have the data extracted and translated.

For more information, refer to "Performing a Translation" within the "Using DDE for ArcIMS" section of the "ArcIMS Data Delivery Extension (DDE) Reference Manual" found in Chapter 8, page 109. A link to the manual is available in the Related Information section below.

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