How To: Export an edge file to a shapefile in ArcGIS


Instructions provide options for exporting an edge file to a shapefile using either ArcMap or ArcToolbox.


Select an option below.

  • Use ArcMap to export the data.

    1. Add the edge file to a map document.
    2. Right-click the layer in the TOC and select Data > Export Data.
    3. Select the output file type and give it a name.

  • Use ArcToolbox to export the data.

    1. Select ArcToolbox > Conversion Tools > To Geodatabase > Feature Class to Feature Class.

    2. Browse to and select the edge file to be converted in the Input Features text box.

    3. For Output Location, browse to and select the directory location for the new shapefile.

    4. Name the shapefile in the Output Feature Class Name text box.

    5. Click OK to convert the data.

    This tool will convert the edge file to either a shapefile or a geodatabase feature class, depending on whether the output location is specified as a geodatabase or a windows directory location.