How To: Add points to a map (ArcWeb Services v1 and v2)


Instructions provided describe the steps to display points on a map, using ArcWeb Services 1.0 & 2.0.


Add points to a map through Map Image Web Service and optionally Proximity Web Service and POI Manager Web Service.

1. Use MapImageOptions.markers to set the location, labeling, and rendering of the points.

- To retrieve points from the POI Manager, use Proximity Web Service to find the x,y locations. Use these coordinates as inputs for the map image request.

- To use a custom icon, first upload the icon using POI Manager:

A. Log in to the User Account Administration page.
B. Click Manage POI next to ArcWeb Services.
C. Click Manage Icons and follow the instructions for uploading and managing icons.

Then use User.Defined.Icons as the iconDataSource for Map Image and set the name to the exact name of the icon that was uploaded, for example: image.gif

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