Problem: A raster loaded into ArcSDE 9.0 shows as a polygon layer in Author


Rasters loaded into ArcSDE 9.0 are shown as polygon layers in Author 9.0. When ArcSDE is successfully connected to in Author, the ArcSDE rasters are viewable as polygon layers. If a layer is added to Author, it displays as a polygon.


Raster implementation has changed at version 9.0.

Solution or Workaround

Selecting the raster layer shown as a polygon layer in Author causes it to be added in the map configuration (AXL) file with the following layer information:

<LAYER type="featureclass" name="SDE_TEST.TEST01.CA" visible="true" id="0">
<DATASET name="SDE_TEST.TEST01.CA" type="polygon" workspace="sde_ws-0" />
<SIMPLEPOLYGONSYMBOL boundarytransparency="1.0" filltransparency="1.0" fillcolor="127,227,27" boundarycaptype="round" />

Manually update the LAYER tag to the following:

<LAYER type="image" name="CA" id="CA" visible="true" >
<DATASET name="TEST01.CA.RASTER" type = "image" workspace="sde_ws-0" />
<COORDSYS id="2272" />

If a raster is loaded into ArcSDE 8.3, that is later upgraded to ArcSDE 9.0, the polygons (footprints) are not shown.

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