How To: Turn off the default toolbars on Windows CE devices


On some Windows CE devices problems can occur when hiding the Main toolbar in a ArcPad.apx which is the default configuration file. For example, in the following in ArcPad.apx, none of the toolbars may be created correctly:

<TOOLBAR name="main" visible="false" />


A work-around for this issue is to not create any built-in toolbars.

  1. Add the 'create' attribute to the TOOLBAR elements and set its value to false. This must be done to all three built-in toolbars.

    <TOOLBAR name="main" visible="false" create="false"/>
    <TOOLBAR name="browse" visible="false" create="false"/>
    <TOOLBAR name="draw" visible="false" create="false"/>

  2. Create one or more custom toolbars to replace the built-in toolbars set its value to true.

    <TOOLBAR name="tlbSamples" caption="Samples" visible="true">
    <TOOLBUTTON image="sigma.bmp" onclick="call LoadForm"/>