Problem: Toolbar drop-down menu is still in English after installing language supplement


Localized resource files for translated graphical user interface (GUI) are provided by local distributors as a part of language supplement. After installing the language supplement, GUI should be changed to the desired language. However, in some cases, the toolbar drop-down menu is still in English even though the language supplement is installed.


A registry key is created when the toolbar menu is first opened. If the toolbar menu is opened before the language supplement is installed, the registry key is written with English strings. In most cases the language supplement install program, provided by local distributors, should remove this registration key while it is installing. Contact the local distributor for details about their language supplement install.
<a href='https://support.esri.com/en/knowledgebase/techarticles/detail/27377' target='_blank'>[O] Registration key for Toolbar menu</a>

Solution or Workaround

The best way to clean up the registry key is to reinstall ArcGIS. ArcGIS uninstall program should clean up all registration keys related to ArcGIS installation.

  1. Go to Windows 'Control Panel' and select 'Add/Remove Programs'.
  2. Select 'ArcGIS Language Supplement' and click 'Remove'.

    The name of language supplement might differ depending on the installed language version.

  3. Select 'ArcGIS Desktop' and click 'Remove'.
  4. Install ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS language supplement again.

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