FAQ: When are ArcSDE features validated?


When are ArcSDE features validated?


ArcSDE validates every feature as they are written, regardless of the underlying storage type. Features are validated using the ArcSDE shape validation rules.

In addition to ArcSDE compressed binary and OGC Well-Known Binary format, ArcSDE supports features stored in spatial types of IBM DB2 (the Spatial Extender), IBM Informix (the Spatial DataBlade), the Spatial Type for Oracle (ST_Geometry), and Oracle Spatial/Locator (SDO_GEOMETRY). These spatial types can be written without using ArcSDE, through their SQL interfaces.

The two IBM spatial types and the Spatial Type for Oracle validate features as they are stored, even when stored using SQL. They use the same validation rules as ArcSDE shape validation.

Features stored in Oracle's SDO_GEOMETRY can be validated after storage using Oracle's validation subprograms, such as VALIDATE_GEOEMTRY_WITH_CONTEXT. The validation rules are similar to, but not the same as, ArcSDE shape validation rules.

The validity of features can be checked in any registered ArcSDE layer using the ArcSDE administration command "sdelayer -o feature_info" (In ArcSDE 9.0 this is done using another software tool called checkfeatures.) This administration command checks each feature using ArcSDE shape validation rules, and reports features that fail validation.