How To: Label lines with a line marker symbol at specified intervals


Instructions provided create routes from lines and specify hatch marker symbols at specified intervals. It is not currently possible to set a label or a line marker symbol to recognize distances along a line.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new Route feature class in the same geodatabase as the line feature class using ArcCatalog.
    1. Right-click the geodatabase and select New > Feature Class.
    2. Type a name for the new feature class.
    3. Select This feature class will store ESRI simple features, and click Next.
      • ​​If the geodatabase is a personal geodatabase, skip the next step and click Next.
    4. ​​Select a configuration keyword and click Next.
    5. Click the field to the right of Allow NULL values, click the drop-down arrow and select No to prevent null shapes from being stored.
    6. Click the field to the right of Geometry Type, click the drop-down arrow and select Line for the feature type.
    7. Click the field to the right of Contains M values, click the drop-down arrow and select Yes.
    8. Click the Spatial Reference Properties button.
    9. Click Select, Import, or New to set the coordinate system for the feature class.
    10. When finished setting the coordinate system click OK to return to the New Feature Class dialog.
    11. Click Finish.
  1. Paste the original line feature class into the newly created routes feature class in ArcMap and save the edits.
  2. Calculate M values for the lines: How To: Edit measure (M) values with the Field Calculator
    Verify the code below is used instead of the 'Pre-Logic VBA Script Code' provided in the document.
    dim pms as imsegmentation 
    set pms = [Shape] 
    pms.setandinterpolatemsbetween 0,[SHAPE_Length] 
    dim pg as igeometry 
    set pg = pms 
  3. Create the hatches at the desired interval.
    1. Right-click the layer in the table of contents and select Properties.
    2. Select the Hatches tab.
    3. Enter an appropriate Hatch interval.
    4. Check Hatch features in this layer.
    5. Click Hatch Def(1) to activate the Hatch Definition view.
    6. Click the Marker option radio button, and then click the symbol button next to it.
    7. Click Properties and change the Symbol Property Editor Type to 'Character Marker Symbol.
    8. Select a Character Marker Symbol and click OK.
    9. Change the size and the color then click OK.