Bug: ArcGIS License Manager processes jump to 100% CPU utilization when Nessus or other port scanners are used to scan the network


When the network is scanned by Nessus or other port scanners, the ArcGIS license manager gradually or suddenly increases CPU utilization to 100%.


Nessus is a port scanner that is used to evaluate network security. In the process of scanning all ports, Nessus may interrupt communications between ArcGIS License Manager and its clients. As a result, the lmgrd and ArcGIS processes may hang and cause CPU utilization to jump to 100%.


Configure the license manager to utilize a static second TCP port, instead of the default dynamic port. The Nessus scan can then be configured to skip both of the ports and eliminate the problem. See the Related Information section for more details on this configuration change and which ports to open.

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