Problem: Unix: ArcMap server processes are not started after starting ArcIMS


** This issue has been resolved in ArcIMS 9.0.1. **

After starting ArcIMS using "$AIMSHOME/qs_scripts/start_arcims script", ArcMap server processes (aimsserver.exe) do not start.


On the terminal where "$AIMSHOME/qs_scripts/start_arcims" script is executed the MainWin environment has been previously initialized by executing the command "source $AIMSHOME/../init_engine.csh".

Since the MainWin environment is also initialized by the "start_arcims" script, it sometimes leads to failure in the startup of ArcMap server processes.

Solution or Workaround

Start ArcIMS using "$AIMSHOME/qs_scripts/start_arcims" script in a new terminal window where the MainWin environment was not previously initialized.