Problem: Fields defined as Long Integer show up as Double


After creating a Long Integer field using ArcGIS, the properties state the field is a Double field.


When creating a field in ArcGIS, a precision can be specified for a new Long Integer field. If a precision greater than 10 is specified, the field may be automatically converted to a Double field. This is because a Long Integer field can only hold up to a 4 byte record, which is just enough for 10 characters or a precision of 10. Anything greater than 4 bytes must be stored in a Double field or other field that accommodates larger records.

Solution or Workaround

Do not specify a precision greater than 10 when creating Long Integer fields. If more than 10 characters must be stored, create a Double field or Text field.

Further information about field properties, precision, and scale can be found in the ArcGIS Desktop Help.