FAQ: What are the system requirements for ArcGlobe?


What are the system requirements for ArcGlobe?


For optimal performance in ArcGlobe, it is important to pay attention to the application’s recommended basic system requirements. Since ArcGlobe is an extension of ArcGIS Desktop, the basic system requirements for ArcGIS Desktop are a good starting place to evaluate a computer’s configuration.

Start by browsing through the Resource Center’s ArcGIS Desktop System Requirements. This page defines system requirements for ArcGIS 10 and also links to the system requirements for earlier versions of ArcGIS. Any specific or additional requirements for 3D applications will be listed in the hardware descriptions.

Using ArcGlobe recommends maintaining up-to-date drivers for video and graphics cards as well as having available disk space.

The Can Your Computer Run ArcGIS? utility automatically analyzes the computer and returns a complete report that compares the current configuration with the minimum and recommended configurations. It also lists the current version of video card driver; however, it is recommended to check for driver updates prior to installation.

Last Published: 5/5/2016

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