Problem: MXD saved in ArcMap at 8.3 will not open at 9.0 after patch installed


A map document saved in ArcMap 8.3 will not open in ArcGIS 9.0, even after the patch was installed on the 9.0 computer.

The MXD hangs in the process of trying to draw layers, and the process must be killed.

The map document will not print or export.


The MXD contains annotation, from an ArcInfo coverage, on which the BUILD command was not run for the annotation subclass.

The BUILD command creates the TAT annotation attribute table in the coverage. Without this table, ArcMap 9.0 is unable to render the coverage annotation.

Solution or Workaround

  1. The ArcInfo command BUILD will not run against an annotation subclass that is not named. When the coverage is described, if the annotation subclass name shows as <BLANK>, use the COPYFEATURES command, copy the annotation subclass to a named subclass, as shown in the example below:

    Arc: copyfeatures <cover_name> anno<cover_name> anno.<subclass_name>
  2. BUILD the annotation to create the TAT table:

    Arc: build <cover_name> anno.<subclass_name>
  3. In the ArcMap document, reset the source of the annotation to the named subclass, or remove the unnamed annotation subclass from the MXD in 8.3. The map document will open, print, or export as needed in ArcMap 9.0.