Bug: MDUpgrade fails when migrating Metadata Services to ArcIMS 9 with ArcSDE 9 for Oracle


The database schema for ArcIMS Metadata Services has changed for ArcIMS 9. To upgrade existing Metadata Services, first ESRI software must be upgraded to version 9 for ArcIMS and ArcSDE, then the RDBMS must be enabled to support text indexing, and finally the MDUpgrade command provided with ArcIMS 9 must be run to migrate existing metadata and gazetteer service tables to the new database schema.

However, the MDUpgrade command fails if when using an Oracle RDBMS. The following error message appears on the command line:

"Error -51: Underlying DBMS error."


ArcIMS version 4.0.1 stores both the published document and its thumbnail in BLOB columns in the database. When migrating to the ArcIMS 9 database schema for Metadata Services, the thumbnail is moved to a BLOB column in another table and the published document is moved to an ArcSDE XML column. With Oracle, there are issues moving these values.


These issues are handled in ArcIMS SP1 and ArcSDE SP1, which will soon be available. Both service packs must be installed for the MDUpgrade command to work.

If an upgrade to the Metadata Service cannot be postponed until the service packs are available, the alternative to using the MDUpgrade command is to create a new ArcIMS Metadata Service and republish the documents to the new service. Recreate any folders in the new service. Once the documents are published to the appropriate folders, reset the private property for each folder and document appropriately. Redefine any related documents that were specified to match the existing Metadata Service. With the MDUpgrade utility all of this information is carried over to the new ArcIMS 9 Metadata Service automatically. If the ArcIMS version 4.0.1 Metadata Service uses an administrative table, it is possible to continue to use it with the ArcIMS 9 Metadata Service. Verify that the administrative table is referenced in the new service's configuration file (.axl).