Problem: Applying Oracle Patch incorrectly causes ArcSDE to stop working


Upgrading to Oracle Patch incorrectly may cause problems affecting ArcSDE usage.


Investigation has revealed the following causes in the majority of cases:

-- Workflow issues when installing the Oracle patch.
-- Oracle issues in relation to the install of the patch. See the listing of Metalink documents in the Solution below.

If the patch is installed correctly, it should work with ArcSDE. ESRI's has confirmed this.

Solution or Workaround

The following is the recommended upgrade path for applying database patches.

  1. Setup ArcSDE at the accepted base version of the database; for example, ArcSDE 9.0 = Oracle
  2. Test to verify the functionality needed works as desired.
  3. Take a full backup of the database.
  4. Apply the database patch.
  5. Restart ArcSDE and test to verify it functions as it did before DBMS patch was applied.

    If a problem is encountered, contact an assigned Oracle representative. If need be, return to the previous version of the database.

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