FAQ: Where is the Geoprocessing Wizard in ArcGIS 9.x?


Where is the Geoprocessing Wizard in ArcGIS 9.x?


The Geoprocessing Wizard is a tool found in ArcMap 8.x that provides the ability to Dissolve, Merge, Clip, Union and Intersect two layers. This tool is no longer available in ArcMap 9.0.

The Geoprocessing Wizard has been replaced by individual tools located in ArcToolbox.

The new locations of these tools in ArcToolbox are:

Dissolve:  Data Management toolbox > Generalization > Dissolve 
Merge: Version 9.0: Data Management toolbox > General > Append
[O-Image] Append

Merge: Version 9.1: Data Management toolbox > General > Merge
[O-Image] Merge

Clip: Analysis toolbox > Extract > Clip
[O-Image] Clip

Intersect: Analysis toolbox > Overlay > Intersect
[O-Image] Intersect

Union: Analysis toolbox > Overlay > Union
[O-Image] Union

More information is available through the Related Information, below. Please see "ArcGIS 9 - Frequently Asked Questions" (PDF), "What is new in ArcGIS Desktop at 9.0?", and "What is new in ArcGIS Desktop at 9.1" A login is required for viewing.

The buffer tools that were in the Buffer Wizard in 8.3 are now available under Analysis tools > Proximity.

The Buffer Wizard was previously available in the ArcMap 8.x interface has been moved to the Customize dialog box in version 9.x. Please refer to the article in the Related Information section concerning the Buffer Wizard.

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