Bug: Setup a multiline label in an ArcIMS Web site


Multiline labels cannot be set for an image or feature service. To set up a label in two or more lines use the ArcMap Server and an ArcMap service.


This is a known limit for image and feature services. Use an ArcMap service to work around this.


To set up a multiline label use ArcMap to setup the MXD. Use the same process in Version 8.3 and 9.0.
After the MXD is created add the service to the ArcIMS ArcMap Server version 4.x or 9.0.

The following example outlines how to set up multiline labels for the ESRI Sample Data that comes with ArcIMS.

  1. For ArcIMS 9.0 with ArcGIS 9.0 on the same machine, skip to Step 2. Otherwise, on the ArcIMS Server, share the Program Files directory so that it can be accessed by the machine hosting ArcMap.
  2. Add the cities shapefile to ArcMap. Right-click on the layer and select Properties.

    For ArcIMS 4.0.1 and ArcGIS 8.3, remember to use UNC path names for the data by using the Connect to Folder button and navigating to \\<ArcIMS_server>\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\Samples\Tutorial Data

  3. Select the Label tab and select the 'Label all the features the same way' option for Method.
  4. Under 'All features will be labeled using the options specified', select the Expression button and type in the following expression:

    [NAME]& vbNewLine &[POPULATION]
    [O-Image] Multiline
    Click OK.
  5. Right-click on the 'Cities' layer and select Label Features.

    Cities are now be labeled using two lines with the Name and Population Fields. For example,


  6. Create an ArcMap Image service from this ArcMap MXD in ArcIMS Administrator. Design a Web site with ArcIMS Designer and view the multiline labels in a Web browser.

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