Problem: ArcPress for ArcInfo Workstation gives errors when reading EPS created with ArcGIS 9.x


ArcPress for ArcInfo Workstation and ArcPress for ArcView GIS fail to process an EPS file exported from ArcMap in ArcGIS 9.x. ArcPress for ArcInfo Workstation or ArcPress for ArcView GIS may report errors similar to:

"Error: /rangecheck in --.type42execchar--"


"Error: /undefined in --filter--"

After reporting the error, Workstation ArcPress fails to print, display, or export the file.


The default setting for EPS export in ArcGIS 9.x produces a PostScript Level 3 EPS file. ArcPress for ArcInfo Workstation and ArcPress for ArcView GIS can only process PostScript Levels 1 and 2.

PostScript Level 3 supports native TrueType font embedding and 'Deflate' compression of inline images. Because Workstation ArcPress cannot process Level 3 PostScript, EPS files exported to Level 3 with 'Embed All Document Fonts' turned on or with 'Deflate' type image compression cannot be processed.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Open the Export Map dialog and select EPS for the Save As Type.
  2. Expand the format options pane and select the Format tab.
  3. Set the PS Language Level setting to 2, set the Image Compression to 'RLE' and then set Colorspace, Font Embedding, and Marker Conversion as necessary.
    [O-Image] Setting PS Level 2 and RLE compression for EPS export
  4. Click Save to export the map as a PostScript Level 2 EPS file. This file will be compatible with Workstation ArcPress.

    Setting the PS Language Level to 2 will disable the option for 'Deflate' type image compression. Deflate compression is only supported by Level 3 interpreters.

    Setting the PS Language Level to 2 also changes the behavior of the EPS exporter font embedding mechanism. In PS Level 3, TrueType fonts can be embedded as Type42. A Type42 font is a PostScript compatible wrapper around the outline definitions of a TrueType font. Type42 fonts are not supported by Level 2 interpreters. When PS Language Level is set to 2 and Embed Fonts is enabled, the outline definitions of all TrueType fonts will be converted to PostScript Type1 outlines before embedding.

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