How To: CONNECT to Oracle 9i on Unix using ArcInfo Workstation 9.0


Instructions provided describe creating a DBI connection to an Oracle 9i ( server from ArcInfo Workstation 9.0 on UNIX. This article applies only to those UNIX platforms on which direct DBI connections to Oracle 9i are possible:

Sun Solaris (Oracle 32 bit only)
HP Tru64

All other platforms running ArcInfo Workstation 9.0 require using an older Oracle 8i client to connect to an Oracle 9i server.


  1. Install the Oracle 9i client software if necessary.
  2. Verify a SQLPLUS connection can be made to the Oracle server from the client machine where ArcInfo Workstation will be run. Do not proceed with the remainder of this article until a successful SQLPLUS connection is made. Please consult Oracle and Oracle documentation in troubleshooting SQLPLUS connections.
  3. Open the $ARCHOME/database/oracle.dbs file in a text editor.
  4. Append the file as shown below:

    ARC/INFO 9.0 - Oracle Server

  5. Save the changes and close the text editor.
  6. Quit from SQLPlus and start ArcInfo in the same window that a successful SQLPlus connections was made.
  7. Use the CONNECT command to connect to Oracle.

    Arc: connect oracle system/oracle@ora920

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