Bug: Extents of RPF data (DTED, CIB, CADRG) are off by a half pixel


The four main issues are:

1) Loading RPF raster data (DTED, CIB, CADRG) to ArcSDE has issues with positional accuracy of the pixels (off by 1/2 pixel).

2) Metadata extent versus actual display location differed with regards to loaded RPF raster data.

3) ArcObjects was not returning the extent which matches the edges of the RPF raster data.

4) Large raster datasets (ArcSDE or file-based data) would display as black raster datasets due to memory allocation errors. This issue allows users of AirPhotoUSA imagery (who also have access to their proprietary raster format DLL) to view their proprietary raster datasets within ArcGIS Desktop products. Previously, due to memory allocation errors, these rasters would display as all black.


The extent is not handled correctly in the format dll.