How To: Register application tables with ArcSDE to improve performance


If an ArcGIS application requires accessing tables that are not registered with the geodatabase, additional queries must be executed by ArcSDE to validate the tables existence and the user's privileges for the table. The queries are executed every time the application accesses the table.

Instructions provided describe registering the table with ArcSDE so the queries ArcSDE executes are only executed the first time the application accesses the table. From that point on, the table's properties and privileges are cached by the ArcSDE gsrvr process.


To register a table with ArcSDE use the sdetable -o register command. For additional information on the sdetable command see the ArcSDE Administration Guide.

When registering the table, do not specify a sde_row_id column. The table must be registered by the owner of the table.

  1. sdetable -o register -t my_table -u my_account -p my_password

Last Published: 5/5/2016

Article ID: 000006768