Bug: Improperly defined SDO_GEOMETRY features can cause a network I/O error from ArcSDE


If a feature created with third-party software or with SQL is not correctly defined, ArcSDE produces a network I/O error when encountering the feature.


Oracle’s SDO_GEOMETRY stores features in one of several well-defined ways. A feature must be correctly defined before it can be interpreted correctly. For example, the offsets in SDO_DIM_INFO_ARRAY must point to correct locations in the SDO_DIM_ARRAY. These arrays are part of the SDO_GEOMETRY data type.


To prevent this type of error, use one of Oracle’s feature validation routines; for example, VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT to check the consistency of features stored in SDO_GEOMETRY before using the data with ArcSDE.

Depending on the version of Oracle, these validation routines may not catch all malformed features.