How To: Serve ArcFM files through the ArcIMS ArcMap Server Extension


Instructions provided describe how to successfully create an ImageServerArcMap service in ArcIMS using *.MXD files created with the ArcFM Extension. The necessary ArcFM libraries on the ArcIMS machine must be present.

Warning! This is third-party software and the configuration has not been tested and therefore is not supported by ESRI. Continue at your own risk. Some assistance may be available through ESRI ArcIMS User Forums found at http://support.esri.com/index.cfm?fa=forums.gateway


Miner and Miner has developed the ArcFM Object Viewer, which installs the necessary libraries.

  1. Contact a technical representative at Miner and Miner for the executable.

    For users with valid username and password, it is available for download from the Miner and Miner Web site by way of the Related Information section below.
  2. Another solution to this is to copy the .DLL's from ArcFM onto the ArcIMS spatial server system and register them manually. ESRI does not recommend this.

Related Information