Bug: ArcIMS Image Server does not support Mr. SID MG3 images


Mr.SID MG3 images are not supported by ArcIMS Image Server 4.0, 4.0.1 or 9.0.

MG3 files are supported by ArcIMS 9.0 using the ArcMap server on Windows only


The needed DLLs provided by the vendor are still in a beta version and cannot be used by ESRI in developing a product.


Since support of the images by ArcIMS Image Server is not possible at this time, the following workarounds can be used:

  1. Use the earlier versions of Mr. SID images with their relevant world files.
  2. Convert Mr.SID MG3 images into a format that is supported by ArcIMS. See Related Information for more detail about supported formats.

Related Information