Error: Pre-Release: ArcReader timeout error

Error Message

The following error occurs during the installation of ArcGIS 9.0 Pre-Release or when starting the ArcReader 9.0 Pre-Release application:

"ArcReader timeout error"


ArcGIS 9.0 Pre-Release CDs created before Februrary 1, 2004, have an incorrect ArcReader timeout date.

Solution or Workaround

Download the updated ArcReaderHost.exe file and copy it into the \ArcGIS\Bin folder before installing ArcGIS 9.0 Pre-Release. If ArcGIS 9.0 Pre-Release is already installed, replace the existing copy of the file.

  1. Download the ArcReader patch from the link in the Related Information section.

  2. Unzip the patch.
    The password needed to unzip this patch is "marvin".

  3. Copy the extracted ArcReaderHost.exe file into the default ArcGIS install location C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\bin. If the directory does not exist, create it.

    The drive letter and path to the bin folder may be different if the default location was changed during the installation.

  4. Proceed with the installation of ArcGIS Desktop. The error will no longer occur.

Related Information