How To: Establish an ArcSDE connection using ArcGIS Schematics Designer


Instructions provided describe how to establish an ArcSDE connection as a data source in ArcGIS Schematics Designer.


  1. Create a data source name (DSN) for the ArcSDE connection through the operating system.

    a. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.
    b. Double-click Administrative Tools.
    c. Double-click Data Sources (ODBC).
    d. Select the User DSN tab.
    e. Click the Add button and select the appropriate driver for the type of RDBMS being used.
    f. Click the Finish button.
    g. Enter the connection information for the server.
    h. Test the connection.
    i. If the connection is successful, click OK on all windows.

    This will require that the RDBMS client tools be installed.

  2. For ArcGIS 9.2 and 9.3, create a new schematic dataset.

    a. Start ArcCatalog.

    b. Click or create a folder in the Catalog tree.

    c. Create a new personal geodatabase in this folder by right-clicking the folder, pointing to New, and clicking Personal Geodatabase.

    d. Type a new name for the personal geodatabase, for example, SchematicDatabase.

    e. Right-click the personal geodatabase, point to New, and click Schematic Dataset.
    A new schematic dataset appears in the Catalog tree.

    f. Type a new name for the schematic dataset, for example, MyFirstSchematicDataset.

    g. Press Enter.

    h. Open the new schematic dataset in Schematics Designer.

  3. Right-click on Data Sources and select Add Data Source.
  4. Give the new SDE data source a name, select ADO, and click Edit Connection.
  5. Select the Provider tab and select ESRI GeoDatabase OLE DB Provider.
  6. Select the All tab.
  7. Click on Data Source and then click the Edit Value button.
  8. Select the ArcSDE DSN created in Step 1 and click OK.
  9. Click on Extended Properties and click the Edit Value button.
  10. Enter the instance, version, and workspace type using the following syntax and then click OK:


    If the instance is not 5151 and the version is not SDE.DEFAULT, make sure to change these values.

  11. Click on Location and click the Edit Value button.
  12. Enter the name of the server.
  13. Click on User ID and click the Edit Value button.
  14. Enter the SDE user and click OK.
  15. Click on Password and click the Edit Value button.
  16. Enter the SDE user password and click OK on all dialog boxes.

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