How To: Configure Windows XP's Internet Connection Firewall to work with the License Manager


Instructions provided describe how to configure Windows XP's Internet Connection Firewall to work with the License Manager. With the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Microsoft has enabled its Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) by default. ICF restricts access to ports necessary for communication between ArcGIS and the License Manager. Instructions provided below describe the steps to reopen the correct ports and allow ArcGIS to communicate with the License Manager.

An alternative to this procedure would be to disable the ICF completely. Consult IT personnel before disabling the ICF.


Machines running ArcGIS and Windows XP SP2 with ICF enabled, including the License Manager server, must run these steps while logged in to the computer with 'administrative' rights. If the user account does not have 'administrative' rights, contact a system administrator.

This article requires use of the Classic View in the Windows XP Control Panel.

  1. On the License Manager server, lock the ESRI (ArcGIS 8.x) or ArcGIS (ArcGIS 9.0) vendor daemon to a static port. See How To: Lock the vendor daemon to a specific port for more information.
    The port specified in this step must be different than the port specified in Step 6 below.
  2. Click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections on all machines with Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    These steps require the use of the Control Panel Classic View.
  3. Click 'Change Windows Firewall Settings' in the left panel.
  4. Click the 'Exceptions' tab.
  5. Click 'Add Port...'
  6. Enter 'lmgrd' in the Name field. In the Port Number field enter the port number specified in the license file.
    [O-Image] lmgrd port
    Protocol should be set to TCP. Click OK.
    Note: For ArcGIS Desktop 10 software, the port is 27000.
  7. Click 'Add Port...' again in the 'Exceptions' dialog box and follow the same procedure used in Step 6, entering 'ArcGIS' at version 9.x or 'ESRI' at version 8.x in the Name field, and the number added to the license file in Steps 1-7 as the Port Number, for example, 1234.
  8. Click OK to close and enable the Internet Connection Firewall.