How To: Uninstall ServletExec 5.0 on Windows


Instructions provided are for uninstalling ServletExec 5.0 (ISAPI or AS) servlet engine on Windows.


  1. Stop the IIS Admin Service (for ServletExec ISAPI) or Apache (for ServletExec AS) from the Windows Services panel.
  2. Uninstall ServletExec 5.0 using the Add/Remove Programs dialog box.

    A. Navigate to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

    B. Select ServletExec 5.0 (AS or ISAPI) from the list of available programs and click Change/Remove.

    C. For ServletExec ISAPI, when asked if you would like to Uninstall ServletExec, click Yes. For ServletExec AS: choose to Uninstall ServletExec completely.

    D. At the warning telling you to stop your Web server (IIS or Apache), click Yes.

    E. At the prompt asking if you wish to have the installer delete the ServletExec directory, click Yes.

    F. At the window informing you ServletExec has been removed, click OK.

  3. Check to ensure that the ServletExec directory has been removed.

    A. Open Windows Explorer.

    B. Navigate to the Servlet Exec installation directory. The default for ServletExec ISAPI is C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec ISAPI and for ServletExec AS it is C:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec AS respectively.

    C. Remove the New Atlanta folder, if it still exists.

  4. Click Here for additional information on uninstalling ServletExec, or see the ServletExec Installation Guide.