How To: Clip a TIN with a polygon layer using 3D Analyst


Instructions provided describe how to clip a TIN with a polygon layer using 3D Analyst.


  1. Add the TIN and the polygon layer to ArcMap or ArcScene.
  2. Select 3D Analyst > Create/Modify TIN > Add Features to TIN.
  3. Select the TIN as the Input TIN.
  4. Check the polygon layer.
  5. Use the following settings for the selected layer:

    Height source: <None>
    Triangluate As: hard clip
    Tag value field: <None>

  6. Save changes into a new output TIN option and enter a name for the output TIN.
    [O-Image] Add Features to TIN
    The output TIN will not look identical to the input TIN along the boundary of the polygon layer. This is because the boundary of the polygon layer may intersect triangles in the TIN. The new triangles will need to be interpolated. This should only result in minor modifications and will not drastically change the surface of the TIN.

  7. Click OK.