FAQ: What is the file format for the ArcSDE dbinit.sde file ?


What is the file format for the ArcSDE dbinit.sde file ?


The dbinit.sde file consists of comments and commands. Comments are any lines preceded by the pound sign (#). For example:

# This is the system environment for
# the ArcSDE service esri_sde

The commands in the dbinit.sde file accept two keywords: set and unset.

The Set command enables the system variable and assigns it the value following the equals sign. The syntax of the set command is:

set <variable>=<value>

In this example, the SDEDBECHO variable is set to true, which echoes the variables set in the dbinit.sde file when the ArcSDE service is started.


The Unset command disables the system variable. It is useful because it ensures that an undesired variable set in the login environment is not set when ArcSDE starts. The syntax of the unset command is:

unset <variable>

The following example of the unset command ensures that the Oracle TWO_TASK variable is not set:

unset TWO_TASK

Refer to the book 'Managing ArcSDE Application Servers' for further information. This can be found in the ArcSDE Documentation directory as a PDF file.

Using the set command to set a variable to false DOES NOT disable the variable. For example, set SDEVERBOSE=FALSE does not stop internal messages from appearing at startup; you must use the unset command to disable a variable. In this example, you would use "unset SDEVERBOSE".