How To: Disable autoregistration of Oracle Spatial tables


Instructions provided describe how to disable autoregistration. Disabling autoregistration prevents ArcSDE from querying for and registering unregistered tables. This can reduce processing when connecting. New tables are not automatically discovered and registered.


Autoregistration is disabled differently on ArcSDE 8.3 and earlier, and ArcSDE 9.0 and later.

  • When using ArcSDE 8.3 and earlier:

    To disable autoregistration for all users of an ArcSDE three-tiered service, set the environment variable SDEDISABLEAUTOREG in the file dbinit.sde in the 'etc' directory under the SDEHOME environment variable.

    For client applications that use direct connect, set this environment variable in each client’s environment before connecting.
  • When using ArcSDE 9.0 and later:

    The flag to disable autoregistration has been moved into the ArcSDE system table, SDE.SERVER_CONFIG. Setting the parameter DISABLEAUTOREG to TRUE disables autoregistration for all users connecting to the ArcSDE server.

    sdeconfig -o alter -v DISABLEAUTOREG=TRUE -u sde -p ...

    DISABLEAUTOREG is set to TRUE by default beginning with the ArcSDE 9.1 release.

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