How To: Change the minimum and maximum values used to classify a Geostatistical Analyst layer


The classification of a Geostatistical Analyst layer can be modified to display values outside of the default range of threshold values.


  1. Right-click the Geostatistical Analyst layer and select Properties.
  2. Select the Symbology tab.
  3. Select the Show option to be modified.
    [O-Image] GA layer symbology properties
  4. Click the Classify button.
  5. Set the Classification Method to Manual or Equal Interval.
  6. Check the check box for Custom Min & Max.
    [O-Image] Activate the custom min & max  values for GA
  7. Modify the Min or Max values in the list of Break values.
    [O-Image] Set custom min & max for a GA layer
  8. Click OK on the Classification dialog box.
  9. Click OK on the Layer Properties dialog box.

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