How To: How to create a direct connect from ArcIMS to ArcSDE/Oracle


ArcIMS users can connect to and read spatial data directly in an Oracle database without having to use an ArcSDE Application server.

Connecting from ArcIMS to ArcSDE can be easily done via Author. In some cases the ArcSDE Application server may need to be bypassed, as this may improve performance. To do this, update the SDEWORKSPACE element in the axl file and use direct connect.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Open Author and establish a connection to the ArcSDE database. Add the ArcSDE layers to the map. Save the map as a map configuration file (.axl).
  2. In the .axl file, locate the SDEWORKSPACE element:

    <SDEWORKSPACE name="sde_ws-0" server="zephyr" instance="port:5151"
    database="test" user="test" encrypted="true" password="EPYCJM" geoindexdir="C:\DOCUME~1\ />

  3. Make the following changes:

    <SDEWORKSPACE name="sde_ws-0" server="zephyr" instance="sde:oracle"
    database="test" user="test" encrypted="false" password="test@ora" geoindexdir="C:\DOCUME~1\ />

    Replace values in:
    instance = sde:oracle
    encrypted = false
    password = password@net_service_name
  4. For password, the @net_service_name is needed when connecting to a remote Oracle Server and is needed to connect via Oracle's sqlplus as well:


    Install the Oracle client and run Net Configuration Assistant to setup a Local Net Service Name.

    This value is set in the tnsnames.ora file.
  5. Set the SDEHOME variable on the ArcIMS box so that it points to the ArcIMSHOME\Server directory & add %SDEHOME%\bin to the PATH variable.

    Restart the three ArcIMS services for this to take an effect.
  6. Open ArcIMS Administrator and create a map service for the .axl file that was edited in the previous steps.

    If map service creation fails, check the ArcIMS Administrator Console for errors and retrace the above steps.

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