How To: Configure an AccuTab II digitizer for ArcInfo Workstation


The AccuTabII is very similar to previous GTCO Calcomp digitizers and can be connected by making two changes to the normal setup.


After making all connections between the digitizer, puck, and computer, make sure the digitizer is turned on.

  1. On the AccuTabII AccuSet menu select 'S', then '2' and '6' followed by 'S'. This sets the output coordinates to a CalComp ASCII 3 (9600 baud, 8 data bits, No parity, 1 stop bit, 1000 lines per inch, Point mode with Alarm).
  2. Test your digitizer connection with DIGTEST at the Arc prompt. Use the 9100 digitizer name. If the test is successful continue, if not recheck your connections and settings for Step 1.
  3. Register your digitizer for use in ArcEdit. Refer to the following Knowledge Base article for the procedure, How To: Register a coverage for digitizing in Workstation ArcInfo.

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